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an insight


It’s September 2004 and a musing between two friends sparked the redesign of Orlando's property management landscape. In that meeting, Mark and Simeon conjectured that the real estate market wasn't sustainable, and the Orlando vacation homeowners would likely feel the brunt – but nobody could have foreseen the impact that 2007 would have.


Leading up to 2007, the company was predominately a vacation home manager, but noting an alarming drop in vacation reservations, the partners became determined to find new revenue sources for their owners. Those head-scratching, stomach-churning meetings eventually bore fruit with a radical residential leasing program, developed to assist the owners most severely impacted by the new economy.

Leasing management in 2007 was very much the same then as it is for the most part now – stuck in the Dark Ages. Clear Blue Sky radically overhauled its service to roll out a product that was more owner and tenant-centric, and less manager-focused. This product was geared to creating quality homes for our tenants and reliable income for our owners. We put procedures into place that protected both parties and conversely created a more harmonious long-term relationship. We derived cost cutting-measures for our homeowners to ensure they could maximize the income their property was generating – in many cases, saving the owner from a foreclosure.

Clear Blue Sky continues to innovate, but the cornerstone of our business remains the same – offering quality homes for quality tenants.

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