AUGUST 2018 - Almost one in five Floridians plan to move within a year

New research from the AAA Consumer Pulse survey has revealed that 19 per cent of Floridians plan to move within the next 12 months. The survey was conducted among 1,606 participants, 202 of whom were Florida residents, between April 4 and April 27. The results were published on July 26.

Participants also hailed from from Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. By comparison, 25 per cent of Michigan residents expressed an interest in moving within the next year, while just 13 per cent of Indiana locals had considered it.

While the survey did not explicitly detail where these residents planned on moving to, it did reveal that just 17 per cent of the abovementioned Floridians planning to move were intent on leaving the state. Rather, the majority of those moving would be staying close to home, which could be explained by the results of a survey carried out by Penske Truck Rentals in early 2018. The results showed that Orlando recently ranked at no. 6 on the Top Moving Destinations List, maintaining its position from the previous year.

Close by, Tampa and Sarasota came in at no. 5, beaten only by Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, Phoenix, and Atlanta, which topped the list.

Orlando has proven time and again to be a popular moving destination, having gained 56,000 new residents in 2017 alone, making it no. 8 in the country for population growth. Since 2010, the area has grown by 17.6 per cent each year. So what is it that makes Orlando such a popular destination for new residents? It’s more than just Disneyworld: housing prices average a very reasonable $150,000 for a family home, with the rental and vacation markets showing increasingly positive signs of stability. Equally, living costs are just as much of an incentive – Florida is one of nine states with no state income tax, giving residents more disposable income to spend on those world-famous theme parks.

Commuting has been made easier than ever thanks to relatively new developments such as SunRail and other commuter trains. There is no shortage of jobs in Orlando either; aside from the obvious vast tourism industry, Orlando is also home to technology giants such as Siemens and a variety of service-based companies.

For retirees, Orlando houses several senior housing options for those aged 55 and up, while there is an ample choice of leisure activities from golf to hiking. Young ones are taken care of with a wealth of public colleges, universities and private liberal art schools. Recent figures also showed a 4 per cent reduction in crime, making Orlando a safe and pleasurable place to move to for the entire family.

The AAA survey revealed that July to September was the most popular time of year to move, making Orlando the ideal destination for sunseekers. Despite premium rental truck prices at these times, 24 per cent of Floridians would consider moving during the summer months.

As one of the most exciting economic periods since the global financial crisis, now is a fantastic time to move. With its growth potential and the diverse offerings for residents of all ages, Orlando is even better a destination.

disney road expansion nears completion - JULY 2018

Work on four major road projects at Walt Disney World - including an overpass over the Magic Kingdom parking toll plaza - should be complete by 2018.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District on Wednesday approved a $335 million package for the projects and provided a timelime.

A flyover bridge taking World Drive hotel traffic over the Magic Kingdom's toll plaza should be complete by the second half of 2018.

A reconfiguration of Osceola Parkway at Victory Way, southeast of Disney's Hollywood Studios and north of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, should be finished by the end of 2018. A traditional intersection will be replaced with a flyover design similar to that at state roads 50 and 436 near Orlando. The flyover will take Osceola Parkway traffic over Victory Way.

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