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5 tips to improve the value of your property

5 tips to increase the rental value of your property
Determining a value for your rental property is never easy – there are abundant factors to consider, from proximity to local amenities to crime rates and natural resources. As property owners, we naturally want to get the best value we can out of our properties, so here are our top five tips for increasing rental value.

Freshen your interior walls
Redo any tired-looking walls with a new coat of fresh paint. This should not be anything too bold or unlikely to match with other colors – use a single, mutual color throughout that can be paired with varying color schemes to fit all tastes. This invites renters to bring their own creative talents to the table.

Clean your carpets
There’s no bigger a deterrent to a prospective renter than carpet stains – these give the impression of a messy owner with no respect for the surroundings. Have your carpets cleaned or replaced if the staining is too severe. You can do this with your own tools or consult the help of professionals.

Remove furnishings
Ideally, your property should be unfurnished – this gives renters free rein to mentally plan how they would like to lay out each room, and helps them feel less constrained, thereby encouraging them to sign. It also invites conversation as they view the property, helping them to visualize living there more easily and immediately adding value.

Manicure your exterior landscaping
Your property needs to have immediate curb appeal – start from the outside in by consulting the expertise of a landscape gardener, who can trim hedges and possibly even plant seasonal flowers to make the property that bit more attractive.

Have your property professionally cleaned
A clean, welcoming home will make all the difference when it comes to increasing the value of your property. Prospective renters will be deterred by stains, bad smells or excessive dust, so ensure you provide an open, unfurnished and clean space that they can explore and pay what it is truly worth.

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