These are the most often asked questions of our prospective and current tenants. If your question isn't answered here, give us a call, we're happy to help you - 407 574 3999

what is your rental criteria?

In order to adhere to Fair Housing Standards, we apply a consistent set of criteria in our approval process. The criteria is as follows;
Median credit score of 600 or above
Less than 5 negative credit markers within past 3 years
Gross income greater than 3 times monthly rental rate
No bankruptcies with 2 years
No trace on sex offender’s list

If you fall below this criteria and you can evidence mitigating reasons, then we may refer your application to the property owner to consider an exception.


how to apply

We use an online application process. Simply find the property you would like to rent on our ‘Rental Search’ tab and click on the ‘Applications’ link. You will then be directed to a secure site where your information will be processed. The application can be made from any PC/Mac, tablet or smart phone. Application Fee is $65.00 per applicant over 18.



The easiest method in which to pay your rent is online, using your tenant portal. You can also pay by person at our office or by mail. We offer the ability to pay by credit card, although you will pay a convenience fee for this method.



We understand that circumstances change and, where possible, we will work with you to reach an agreeable solution. Legally you are responsible for the remaining amount of period left on your lease, but by working together, we can often reduce your expenses by finding another suitable tenant quickly.


How do I report maintenance issues?

The easiest way to report maintenance issues is through your tenant portal. This system will notify your property manager that you have an issue, and an accurate log of progress will be maintained. If you don’t have access to a web-enabled device, please contact our office and you will be directed to your property manager 24/7.


How quickly do you respond to maintenance Issues?

We understand prompt attention to maintenance issues is one of the reasons you chose a professional management company over an owner-managed property. We will endeavor to address your urgent maintenance issues the same day, however if the issue is non-emergency it may take a little longer. Your property manager will keep an open line of communication with you regarding the issue. If the problem seems to be taking a little longer than you would like, please bear with us as we often have to secure the owner’s permission before incurring substantial costs. Please remember this is an investment for the owner and we have an obligation to ensure their interests are also protected. Urgent maintenance issues will be attended to immediately.


How do I get my deposit back?

Once you vacate the property, one of our property managers will perform a thorough inspection which will be directly compared to the move-in inspection that was performed when you took possession. In order to receive as much of your deposit as possible, you will need to address any items that are not considered normal wear and tear. The term "normal wear and tear" is subjective and we will always apply it fairly. Please refer to your Tenant Handbook for direction on how you can ensure your security deposit is returned with minimum deductions.

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