Protection with renters insurance

The last thing you want to think about when you rent a new apartment is something going wrong. Residents Insurance protects your home and the things you own. Best of all, our Residents Insurance policy offers a convenient payment option and customer service you can count on.


HOW TO GET Residents Insurance

Obtaining Residents Insurance is simple. You can enroll through your lease application and the insurance charges will be conveniently included with your rent payment.


Frequently asked questions

Does the landlord’s policy cover my things?
No. Your landlord’s insurance covers the building structure but, generally, doesn’t cover your personal belongings like your furniture, clothes and electronics.

Does Residents Insurance cover floods?
Residents Insurance does NOT cover floods. Flood coverage is available from the National Flood Insurance Program (1-888-379-9531,

Are my personal belongings covered anywhere?
Yes. Your belongings are covered up to the policy limits at the insured location and up to $1,000 away from the insured location.


Insurance helps COVER a Range of Perils

Residents Insurance protects you in the event you cause damage as a result of Fire, Smoke, Water and Explosion

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